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Regenerating Bone Tissue Using Resorbable Porous Microspheres
Novel Porous Microspheres
Published: 08/04/2016   |   Inventor(s): Ifty Ahmed
Category(s): Biomedical, Engineering, Healthcare
Mercury capture using novel sorbent
Summary Technical Information Title (EN) A SORBENT COMPOSITION Abstract: (EN) The invention provides an apparatus and methods for removing heavy metals and heavy metal-containing compounds from fluid streams. The invention also ...
Published: 13/01/2012   |   Inventor(s): Colin Snape, Cheng-Gong Sun, J├ínos Lakatos, Ron Perry
Category(s): Engineering, Chemicals & Materials, Environment
Chemical and Electrochemical Synthesis in Carbon Nanotube Assisted Metastable Organoaqueous Media
Summary Technical Information Title (EN) POLYMER - CARBON NANOTUBE COMPOSITES Abstract: (EN) This invention relates to a composite comprising carbon nanotubes coated with a polymer, wherein the polymer comprises at least one hydrophob...
Published: 13/01/2012   |   Inventor(s): George Chen
Category(s): Nanotechnology, Engineering, Chemicals & Materials
Thermochromic composites of ionic liquid and polymer
Summary Technical Information Title (EN) SOLID-LIQUID COMPOSITE MATERIAL AND PREPARATION METHOD AND APPLICATION THEREOF Abstract: (EN) A solid-liquid composite material, a preparation method and application thereof are provided...
Published: 01/12/2011   |   Inventor(s): George Chen, Wei Xianjun, Jin Xianbo, Wang Dihua, Yu Linpo
Category(s): Chemicals & Materials, Engineering
High Sensitivity Test
Summary Technical Information Title (EN) SPECIMEN CREEP TEST AND METHODS OF USING SUCH TESTS Abstract: (EN) A method for testing the mechanical properties of a specimen having a first contact surface and a second contact surface spaced apart and opposing the first contact surface, the method comprising: applying forces to the contact ...
Published: 30/11/2011   |   Inventor(s): Tom Hyde, Wei Sun
Category(s): Diagnostics, Engineering
The formation of diamond and cubic boron nitride (cbn) crystallites from parent crystals or solids (DiaTex)
DIATEX Summary A novel crystal ablation technology, DiaTex , was developed at the University of Nottingham. This technology utilises intense energy beams for producing intricate shapes, patterns and textures on surfaces of diamond and other crystallographic materials. The DiaTex technology creates highly precise features for the production o...
Published: 18/11/2011   |   Inventor(s): Paul Butler-Smith, Dragos Axinte, Mark Daine
Category(s): Engineering
Improvements in and Relating to Microscopy (SPR, Surface Plasmon Microscopy)
Summary Technical Information Title (EN) IMPROVEMENTS IN AND RELATING TO MICROSCOPY Abstract: (EN) A method and apparatus (1) for analysing a sample (11) are provided. The method comprises the steps of: (i) irradiating the sample with a beam of radiation ...
Published: 18/11/2011   |   Inventor(s): Mike Somekh, Chung See
Category(s): Diagnostics, Engineering, Chemicals & Materials, Optics
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