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Miniaturised laser spectroscopy using additive manufacturing
Compact Spectroscopy Apparatus using additive manufacturing In brief Fig 1: A labelled diagram of each of the components. Specific parts were used in the prototype model, details of these are available. A miniaturised device for performing saturated absorption spectroscopy on two lasers simultaneously. It can also produce a beat signal between...
Published: 16/12/2021   |   Inventor(s): Nathan Cooper, Lucia Hackermueller, Laurence Coles
Category(s): Optics, Engineering
Regenerating Bone Tissue Using Resorbable Porous Microspheres
Porous Glass Microspheres A tailored, single-stage and scalable manufacturing process In brief Porous glass microspheres (MS) are produced via a novel flame spheroidisation process, enabling precise tailoring of MS porosity, size, chemistry and other variables to address a wide range of potential applications. Compared to other manufacturing techniques,...
Published: 08/04/2016   |   Inventor(s): Ifty Ahmed
Category(s): Biomedical, Engineering, Healthcare
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