Resorbable composite fixation


 Resorbable Composite Fixation


We have developed a novel production process which enables the preparation of resorbable screws and bolts. These can be used in conjunction with fully degradable composite implants in the treatment of damaged or defective bone tissue. Thus resulting in a fully resorbable, degradable system.

Key Benefits

The novel, patent protected, fixation device:

· Reduced manufacturing costs compared to current methods

· Reduced degradation of polymers during manufacture

· Reduced voids in the final component in comparison to a melt-processing approach

· Applicaple for the use with long fibres which cannot be achieved using injection moulding

· Superior mechanical properties in the finished product

· Reduced gross movement of fibre during processing that may otherwise result in sub-optimal axial reinforcement due to misalignment, bending or localised changes in volume fraction

· Ingress of fibres into surface structures/features creased by the tool (e.g. screw threads)

· Increased pull-out strength and stiffness of the screws compared with tiantium screws and pure Polyactic acid screws

· Current measurements of UoN produced screws show initial pull-out strength of ~1700N

Technical Information




(EN) A method of manufacture of an at least partially bioresorbable implant, the method comprising the steps of: providing an at least partially bioresorbable precursor containing a polymeric material; and forming an implant by forging the precursor. An at least partially bioresorbable forged implant containing a polymeric material.

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